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Vietnam Phu Quoc Island_Epilogue

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Vietnam Phu Quoc Island (63rd island)

One word of my grandson (Kiichi ,Kisei Iesato, 8 years old)

I was surprised that there was a child without a parent. It was a lot of fun to be able to play canoeing and snorkeling for the first time in the sea. I was surprised that the price of things is cheaper than in Japan.



 Phu Quoc Island (1, 2, 3, toast)

Kotetsu's one word
Group Island tour with grandchildren and family It was a trip like never before We are the first to fish and snorkel It was a fun memory for me to experience.

Vietnamese business

Bamboo woven gates (round boat)

Fishing reef    fish sauce factory                                    

(1,2,3, toast) My grandchildren are also enjoying the adult world until late at night. The squid's heyday is October. Hand fishing technique with artificial bait. The only one we caught in our group was Kotetsu, my wife. She seems to have learned fishing knack since Easter Island, and her way of holding line has changed.

The wife of a fisherman who sorts fish

Song Moi Fishing Village

Me who shoots early in the morning at Song Moi fishing village

Kiichi who makes a sketch on the roadside

Taken by Kisei Iesato

March 25-April 5, 2009

          Traveling iron man Yoshimasa Ikeuchi

Travel members Kazuo Hayashi, Shigeko Hayashi, Seiji Oguro, Toshiko Oguro, Kiichi Iesato, Kisei Iesato, Midori Ikeuchi (Kotetsu), Me


Vietnamese business

Vietnamese business

Hotel restaurants at any resort have a taste that is universal. The restaurant's proud pickled sauce, fish sauce grown in the climate of Phu Quoc. "Fish sauce" and pepper. By the time I left the Island, it had become an unforgettable taste of tongue.


The rear view of my grandson who got off at Itami Airport and pushed the bag made me feel stronger and bigger. They found their parents who had come to meet them and jumped at them. Thank you Kiichi and Kisei Decades later, I feel like my grandchildren will visit Phu Quoc Island, an Island of memories with their own children.

However, Vietnamese people who select landed fish speak well. It's like a tongue twister meeting. The scenery of the fishing village in the early morning is very interesting. Eating out in seafood paradise is delicious, cheap and demands freshness.


Vietnamese food

Vietnamese food

"Paradise" that is a bit different from luxury resorts. Phu Quoc Island near the border between Vietnam and Cambodia. The bumpy road of red soil and the shoreline of singing sand continue. The morning in a simple fishing village is early. Blessed seafood, calm and laid-back mood.

A number of travel information that enriched the hearts of travelers. A round boat woven from bamboo, a triangular hat and a balance pole, a Vietnamese silhouette. The day quietly ends and the early morning begins. Slow and peaceful life, A leisurely mood that I was able to taste for the first time in a long time.

At a hotel in Cambodia

Kisei sitting on the road and making a sketch

I returned home safely without any accident on the trip between Kiichi and Kisei. “Let the child travel” Travel discovers possibilities. A child also has a personality. A picture diary of grandchildren who grow up dreaming of the future. The treasure is tightly written in the notebook.


Kotetsu (wife) who caught only one squid with eight people