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Lagen Island, Philippines_El Nido Village

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Republic of the Philippines Lagen Island (24th island)  

Donation of 500 dollars for cement on the school fence to the principal

World War II bomb
It was used for the opening bell

Students in the classroom at El Nido Elementary School


El Nido Elementary School

El Nido harbor

Security boat moored in the harbor

has a pistol in his left hand

Behind Kotetsu, a security guard

A dog lying down here and there

Village general store

El Nido Village

However, the sea in front of me shines in a beautifulemerald.
A mountain of marble rises behind it.

All the villagers cheerfully
exchange greetings and smiles come back.

Elementary school children with Kotetsu
in her commemorative photo.

The village with a population of4000is the same asManila's old days.

A 15-minute walk from end to end is a village of
people, people and dogs.

The guide, Lowin(21), is a young man from the village.
Fifth of 10 brothers,
He pays attention to the front, back, left and right.

A warship equipped with a machine gun is anchored in the harbor.
The kidnapping case that occurred four years ago
is in the southern part ofPalawan Island.

Although there is sufficient caution when traveling and staying
in Japan's overseas safety information,
a strict security system is in place throughout the country.

Two guidesare also attached to the village guide.
The other is accompanied bysecurity witha pistol.

Inthe guidebook
, in the bell of the opening of elementary school, in World War II
It is said that a bomb is used

It's, sloppy information.
The bullets arerusty and decaying in one corner of the school yard.

Now, the principal proudly says,
"Electricity rings the start bell."

The groundbehind the school building
wasan airfield during the war.

The children in the village look a lot like their daughter's childhood.

That should be that
Kotetsu wherever she goes
because she is mistaken fora Filipino.

El Nido Village