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Lagen Island, Philippines_Epilogue

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Republic of the Philippines Lagen Island (24th island)  

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Ikeuchi c

Jonathan (11) fromSydney with him in
mini-rock billiard

Lowin Corsin and me

Sashimi and grilled fish are the best treats on the Island

Sugawara, Lowin

Syaron, camera, Kotetsu, Bim

Weekly showtime

The seabed of El Nido

Send off Goodbye

Traveling Iron Man Yoshimasa Ikeuchi

January 22-29, 2005 Ikeuchi

Salamat Thank you

Divemaster Corsin(31)
at the perch of the bar, the story bounces
and he becomesa friend of the glassevery night.

A nice guy who doesn't care.

came with me on the boat when he was not working.

(28), who guided me to the hotel and
When we had dinner Bim always asks,

"What will you do tomorrow?"

She has studied abroad in Japan.
Bim with a good style

It's hard to understandpoorJapanese.




I am grateful for many encounters this time as well.

Lowin (21)who guided me almost every day.

(65) photo enthusiast from Florida and Cebu.

We met with a good young man,
Sugawara(28), who lives in
Manila, on a fishing boat
and talked about the present age of Japan.

The best treat on the Island is the fish caught by the captain.
"Grilled fish" and "Raw fish"
Japanese food cooked by him,

unfortunately our catch is zero.

What was easier to spend than anything else,
there is no "fly".

This is because the rock swallows, which are the blessings of nature,
inhabit. Masutori is often said.

There is such a wonderful place
on the Island of the Philippines
little known.

You can spend enough time withoutan air conditioner

Many encounters left a feeling of travel
I went to the bunker boat because I couldn't leave.

The send-offstaff is
small they
keep waving their hands.

The curtain on the healed journey has come down.