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Phu Quoc Island, Vietnam_Fishing Diary IN Phu Quoc

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Vietnam Phu Quoc Island (63rd island)

The peak season for squid fishing on Phu Quoc Island is from October to April. I got on the fishing boat immediately, relying on the information that I could catch well. Small fishing until nightfall is also quite hit, and 8 people catch 45 fish. My grandson's first challenge is quite impressive. "Kisei" was the biggest catch among us. He got a prize of $ 5, but he was kind enough to split $ 2 into his twin, Kiichi.

When the sun went down and I thought I should go home, I heard a bouncy voice of Kotetsu saying "I was able to catch it", and a squid was caught while spitting ink on the line. Envy from everyone. Only one "precious squid" was pulled around for a commemorative photo of eight people.

Grandchildren who went fishing three times during their stay on the Island and were completely addicted to it. I can understand the feeling of innocently frolicking on the boat, but I wasn't fishing because I was wondering if I could fall into the sea. Surrounded by bright laughter, the ship heads for the beach of the hotel. It is also necessary to be very careful when crossing from the ship to the small boat. 

I didn't think I could catch so much at a fishing tournament with my grandchildren. Tangled threads from feeding, Kiichi who hooks a needle on his finger. Blood bleeds from my fingers. "Are you okay?" When I wrap a bandage around his finger, the thread is already dripping. I am amazed at the curiosity of the child.  


Only 5 minutes the waves were quiet and not so hot. Luxury fishing on a private boat. What I liked most was the low price of $ 10 per person. Safely berth. While looking up at the starry sky, I pulled the hands of my grandchildren and returned to the room leisurely. The day is slowly passing today. Vietnamese paradise

Squid fishing begins after sunset. The smell of oil is carried by the wind from the kitchen of the ship. The fried small fish that I just caught. What about live squid barbecue and squid porridge in the pamphlet? There is no squid hit on anyone's line. 

Fishing Diary IN Phu Quoc


Preparations for porridge had begun at the kitchen that I accidentally looked into. The day before, the squid was chopped from what the fisherman caught in the net and put into a pot. The porridge and fried fish that were brought in. Everyone eats deliciously. I didn't eat well. I tasted it a little, but the ginger worked well with the salty porridge. How delicious would this be the squid I caught?