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Norway Lofoten Islands_Hinoya Island (Hashta)

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 Norway Lofoten Islands (74th island)

Finally landing and heading to the hotel

Finally landed on the Lofoten Islands

Breakfast is a lot of rare things

Breakfast is a lot of rare things

I'm full

Dinner appetizer

The kitchen of the lord's mansion

The next morning is sunny

A blizzard that you can't see before on your way home

The red building on the left is the inn, and the right is the lord's mansion 100 years ago.

Aurora to show between blizzards

First aurora shooting

Scenery of the port town

Landscape from the accommodation

Landscape from the accommodation

Pet dog George

10th generation owner Christian Frederick

The knocking sound woke me up after 1am and the sailors told me to prepare for disembarkation.
I was able to check in at the hotel at 3:00 am, which was good enough.
The next morning, go back to the original road and proceed through the black strait, which turns from cloudy to rain.

There is no sign that the swaying of the ship will subside.
On the inboard broadcast, there is a plain voice saying that the next harbor will also pass.
It was Arrival at the port called Bodo at 2:00 am is decided.
I decided to go back to the cabin and go to bed.

Happening is a part of the trip,
4 hours to the destination Stamsund, While the storm is getting worse,
what happens is that the movie Titanic's sinking footage passes through my head for a moment.
Thanks to the interpreter of Mr. Maeda,
a tour guide I met on board.
It was helpful to be able to obtain qualified information.

Finally, the long-awaited coastal express ship (12000 tons) advances to Stamsund, the gateway to the Lofoten Islands.
The faces of passengers who seem uneasy about the eerie clouds that are gradually becoming rough.
The sway of the ship gets worse, but I can't stand and walk anymore.
My wife is lying in the cabin early on.

When it snows again, I wait in the car, and then an aurora appears in the direction Rudy points.
Admiring her mysterious light, she is so enthusiastic about shooting that she forgets the pain in her hands that is numbing in the negative world.
I wasn't able to make a convincing shot, but I'm sure I'll be visiting this place again next year.

Waiting in the mountains for 30 minutes, the stars peek through the clouds.
"It's amazing" even though the weather is like this.
I see the first aurora around 10 o'clock.
Aurora is the first time I see it, but I'm even more surprised by his talent.
The portable Internet is very powerful in the mountains.

With people who can communicate with each other, conversations will be lively in the Aurora discussions.
After dinner, we will be guided to aurora photography by Rudy's car.
Snow hitting outside, "I can't do it tonight" "Shall we go home?" "No, it's okay." Rudy,
who checks aurora information on the Internet, is a reliable navigator.

10th generation owner Christian Frederick
The lord's mansion run by Mr. Kursen (40).
The full-course dinner is surprisingly voluminous and tasty, but
It ’s also the first time that there are many fork knives lined up.
Aurora photographer Rudie I met in town tonight
Invite Mr. van deameer).

Hinnoya (Harstad)

The inside of the ship is quiet and the bustle of the trip cannot be seen anywhere.
We finally arrived at the destination.
Reiko (23 years living in the Lofoten Islands) who came to pick us up also said, "This is the event since the Island started."
The smile disappears from the weather information from tomorrow.