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Lagen Island, Philippines_Mini rock

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Republic of the Philippines Lagen Island (24th island)  

Kotetsu goes unexplored kayaking

Semi-water surface photography

Big lagoon

Grouper and flat horse mackerel

With an underwater camera

Mini Rock Resort

40minutesby bunker boatfrom Lagen Island
A hotelof the same management is onMini rock Island.

The resort, which was built23years ago, is small.

Feed 11m size groupers and horse mackerel
are swimmingdynamically in the harbor.

Immediately, takean underwater camera and go underwater.

A dance of colorful red, blue, and yellowfish in front of you.

The big guy who suddenly crosses
in front of me seems to see through the picture.

The shutteris so quick that it can't capture the fish shape,
finally I took a picture of a big guy with
a camera.

For a small hour, he seemed to be playing with fish and left.

There are Small Lagoon and Big Lagoon about10minutes from the port.

Due to the tide, the water is so shallow that
can only pass in the afternoon.

The appearance of a kayak going between rocks goes through
an unexplored region in the middle of nature.It's powerful.

The emeraldsea is
not stained by human hands I am impressed
by the greatness of nature.

Kotetsu said it’s a recommended place
for kayaking with a guide and a satisfaction level of 120%.

In the evening, the boat returns to Lagen,
looking at the Islands.

Mini rock