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Lagen Island, Philippines_Bunker boat

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Republic of the Philippines Lagen Island (24th island)  

Against the backdrop of the setting sun on the Island

Lagen Island Lights

Shooting the sunset at a different place every day from the top of the boat

Sunset over the horizon

Beyond the horizon,
the sun disappearing into
the vermilion-dyed ocean.

Its appearance is also divine.

You can see a different picture from yesterday,
and the clouds arethe canvasof the day.

The setting sun seen onthe boat
is a bit different.

In the darkness all around,
Only the sound ofthe engineis heard andthe boat
moves slowly.

Lights can be seen
on only one Island

The silent traveler leaves himself to the sea breeze
and keeps an eye on the darkness.

His feelings become positive when he travels.
If you don't act, you can't experience anything.

Every time you travel to
the great power of nature,
something new life Inspired to think positively about life,
"65years old"
"Life is about to come"

Bunker boat