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Kangaroo Island, Australia_The finest outdoor lunch

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Kangaroo Island, Australia (15th island)  

Kangaroo peeking from the shade of a tree

Red wine is delicious

Lunch on the second day

Guide Tim

King whiting

Lunch is the whiteKing George Whitingcaught on the Island
Stir-fry with salt and pepper.

The finish is sprinkled with white wine and has a nice scent.

Bake on an iron plate of Island andsheep milk cheese (Harumi).

I'm used to handling kitchen knives,
slices of potatoes are instantly browned on an iron plate.

The fish is light and tastes good.

The more you bake the cheese, the more delicious it becomes.

In such a nice place,
It's delicious no matter what you eat.

"Come on, it's lunch."

I was brought to the tent in thebush.

A basket with ingredients and a cooler box.
Tim takes it down from the 4WD and makes a quasi-defeat.

Until lunch is ready
"Why don't you go for a walk?"

Tamale bracken (small kangaroo) in the bush lunch
with nuts.

Accompanying George (35) discovers a koala on a eucalyptus tree
look down to a voice

I don't know if he did, but he looked into his face.

In the eucalyptus forest where koalas live,
The beer that is blown by the refreshing breeze of early summer has a special taste.

All-you-can-drink wine. As expected,

Australiahas a large land area, but there are many things to do.

It's not one by one like some tours.

Kotetsu also drank red wine.

"Wow delicious"

A smile spills over to the outdoor masters.

The finest outdoor lunch