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Kangaroo Island, Australia_On the way

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Kangaroo Island, Australia (15th island)  

Flinders National Park

Don’t care about age

Remarkable lock

It takes at least a week to see this Island slowly.
Let me show you a little.

"Remarkable Rock" is
a strange rock that has enough power to nail the viewer.

Eroded by the rough waves of the Antarctic Ocean
It is a large rock object that has been created over many years.

Two Canadian couples I met along the way
on a four-week trip around Australia,
They stayed in Hawaii for two weeks on their way home.

How to live even in the prime of work
Is it possible to make such a huge trip ?

Japanese people wouldn't go this way.

Wild kangaroos live freely in Flinders National Park.

Under a tree when approaching,
it jumps up and bounces away.

Natural parks are a wonderful word.

Wallabiessometimes appear in the yard of the lodge where we are staying.
After 10 pm, there is a wallaby group in the mountains.
Because it is nocturnal, they sleep in the bush during the day.

On the way