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Vietnam Phu Quoc Island_Prologue

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Vietnam Phu Quoc Island (63rd island)


Brother-in-law, Kazuo, Seiji, my sister Shigeko Hayashi, Satoshi Oguro, grandson’s Kiichi, Kisei Iesato.

Even though I chose April in the dry season, I was stranded by the squall that started in the evening every day. Still, Phu Quoc's journey that takes a momentary interval. I go out with my camera today to find the best shots I can only meet on rainy days. The journey to make memories starts with Vietnam Airlines. 


Dashing in the rain

Fisherman landing in heavy rain

A boat that goes out for colorful fishing

A person carrying fish on a rainy day

A person carrying fish on a rainy day

Squid unloaded early in the morning

A treasure trove of squid that is said to be the best in Southeast Asia. It is advertised that fresh squid can be eaten on the grill or porridge. 

Live mantis shrimp

Fish sauce manufacturing plant

Fish sauce

Fish sauce material Ca com

Kisei Kiichi at the pepper farm

It's far from the "paradise" that everyone longs for. A simple fishing village where you can live slowly and leisurely. The Island has a specialty of fishing and pepper and fish sauce. Some people avoid this peculiar smell, but once you eat it, you will like the deep flavor of the fish sauce made from fresh materials.


Eating Vietnamese food, Information gathering to eat up seafood heaven. The esophagus party thinks about the menu from morning to night. Today is that shop, tomorrow is this shop. Wrap rice paper and add "fish sauce", and if you have a spicy sauce, it's already a fine Vietnamese food.

Cambodia and Phu Quoc Island Travel Members

learned that there is a leisurely resort on an Island near the border between Vietnam and Cambodia, and tried a rediscovery trip. This time is a tour of 8 people. Twin grandchildren Kiichi and Kisei (daughter's child 8 years old). And two younger sisters and couples participated in the Island tour. I have to have them enjoy it somehow.

A person carrying fish on a rainy day