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It's already been 3 years since then. It reminds me of visiting the Japanese islands.

The NO.1 Island that you want to visit on a remote island is "Ishigaki Island" (Nikkei survey).

I have been visiting the island for 28 years. After all, nature is good .

 In just three years, various events ran around the world.

Terrorism of the World Trade building in New York.

The independence of the Republic of East Timor.

Japan and South Korea co-hosted the World Cup.

Okinawa 30th Anniversary Return Memorial.

Among the Japanese economy sluggish Toyota Motor Corp recorded a gain of more than 1 trillion yen.

However, it is a world that seems to be murderous as if the true figure that human beings should run is lost.

Progress of science is destroying the natural environment and the ozone layer,

Antarctica's ice melts, incidents occur in the Great Amazon.

It's like this wonderful earth is being destroyed. But there will be many unknown islands on this planet!

While having physical strength and energy, I started preparing to see with my own eyes and my own feet.

Correspondence education in photography, shooting trip with a professional photographer.Kenya's mistake, Weekly English conversation lessons with Rose.

Special training for snorkeling and underwater photography in Okinawa, Then I started brushing up on Computer lessons.

At the age of 63, I was so busy but it was fulfilling.

OK, let’s do it.

 One year of preparation, it can be done somehow.

Collecting information on the islands of the earth and putting it on to my computer.

Plans for visiting the islands from 2003.

Starting from the North Pole,Micronesia, East Aegean Sea, Caribbean Sea South Pacific, East, Central Pacific, Red Sea, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, etc.

My aim was to visit 70 islands all over the world by the time I was 70 years old "Koki".

I expressed my true feeling to my wife (Kotetsu) and got consent to continue as long as I lived.

Of course, My wife is also with me.

 Humans, any small thing until returning to the soil, keeping dreams and keeping records for the sake of the world and for others.

I added the North Pole and the South Pole, which go around the earth vertically and horizontally.

I hope this tour of the islands of the earth will be of some help.

 Here we go! Departing for a journey of 800,000 kilometers in 7 years.

January 1, 2002

Traveling Iron Man Yoshimasa Ikeuchi

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