Kotetsu's one word



Shooting the sunset on the Tanjung Lu coast

Kotetsu, Sarah, Fauzi and me


City hall

Kotetsu and Mus

the last day,
the sunset from Tanjung Lu is a great shooting point after a long time.

With the silhouette of a child playing on the tidal flats.
The balance of the rocks arouses the travel ofLangkawi,
Memories of the trip are memorable.

 Terimakasih Terimakasih  Thank you

                    August 11-19, 2004

                           Traveling Iron Man Yoshimasa Ikeuchi

I wonder if it was like this about 40 years ago in Japan.
People can be casual It was very nice to have a feeling of nostalgia.

Langkawi is home to the casual and kind Malays.

Will the waves of civilization come in from now on?

People's lives are very simple,
I feel that the friendliness of children was also found in old Japan.

Buildings built with taxes in every country are too good.

Mustaba, a taxi driver who took care of me at the airport on my way home,
I was so confident that I could call him"Mus".

Treated me to home-cooked food
"Sara"and "Fauzi",
Friendly "Arya"and"Aiden"
Thanks guys.



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