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Lagen Island, Philippines_Island hopping

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Republic of the Philippines Lagen Island (24th island)  

Cave doorway

View from the cave

When you get out of the cave, it’s hard

Inside the cave

Looking for shellfish


Boatman, Lowin, writer, Corsin

Snake Island

Mr. and Mrs. K



Next is the cave where Japanese soldiers lived.

Place a towel on the rock at the entrance and crawl inside.
I managed to clear the physical fitness test,
which shows the difference between the years, and join the ranks of everyone.

A natural condominiumwith holes in the ceiling
where you can see palm trees.

It seems that you can climb up from the next cave.
You may be able to live a comfortable life here.

It's hard to get out.
Natural as it is without any rope.

Soldier stylecrawling with elbows looking for a foothold.

"I feel like I understand Mr. Yokoi's feelings."
Finally succeeded in escaping.

Snake Islandhas a sandy beach in the middle of the sea
at low tide.The Islands are connected.
The name comes from the winding sandy beach.
When I returned to my childhood and dug the beach,
I found beautifulwhite andpink bivalves.

"Ah! Another one"
Forgot about Kotetsu,Dive Master, and time to pick up shellfish.

Mr. Uchida (57) from Tokyo, who I met on the Island
passing on the pier in the morning

"where are you going?" "I'm going to the bat cave."

"Why don't we go with you?"

Random hit.
The game that came out is the usual

The Islandactivity is a completely freesystem.

Mr. and Mrs. K, a friend of Mr. Uchida
(living in Manila), and
5 people reserved.

Mr. K remarried a Filipino woman after his wife's death.
A 3LDKapartmentwith a guard mancosts
30,000 yen.
A comfortable life in the middle of the city.

I want to tell
my Japanese friend

about this is also one of the ways of life!
According tothe guide'sexplanation, it seems to go around

" Well, it's fine anywhere."
Go to the Islands in good condition.

To get to the boat, walk in the sea.

Why is it that only I get wet inseam
when other people are only wet below the knees?

But in this weather, it will dry soon.
I finally realized that my legs were short.

Island hopping