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Canary Islands La Gomera

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Spain Canary Islands La Gomera Island (76th island)

Garajonay National Park, a World Natural Heritage Site,
is well hydrated thanks to this cloud, even in low rainfall climates.
Walking paths are built vertically and horizontally in the national park, and hikers stop their cars and disappear into the forest.
I thought it was a good chance, and all three of us followed.
The mountains are covered with mossy trees, and when the light shines in, the shine increases, and when the wind blows, water droplets shine in my eyes.
Knowing how to live in such a harsh environment, we are convinced that it is a World Natural Heritage Site.


Canary Islands

The ferry terminal in the early morning is quiet, but it is also due to the off-season.
Nao Itagaki (resident in Tenerife)'s husband, Victor (45), sent me to the ferry terminal.
She took care of everything from arranging tickets.
It's a luxury trip.
The language barrier in a strange land halves the behavior of travel.
This trip is an Island tour that chooses his holiday.
This is also a series of gratitude.
He has been married to Nao for 10 years, so he speaks a little Japanese and also speaks English, so he is a reassuring partner as a guide.

The scenery of Gomera Island seen from the port of San Sebastian is rocky.
Everyone feels why this Island is a World Natural Heritage Site There is no roundabout road on the second smallest Island in the Islands, and roads extend from the center of the mountain to each port.
The car climbs to Garajonay National Park (1400m) on the top of the Island.
I pointed my camera at the dynamic scenery of the mountaintop with low clouds, but I borrowed a victor jumper because of the cold weather.
The clouds move like flowing, and when I think that the blue sky has spread, a strong wind blows.
After a while, the gentle and abundant nature will come out.

La Gomera

Port of Los Christianos on Tenerife

Garajonay National Park / World Heritage Site

The owner of the restaurant demonstrated it, but I couldn't feel the difference from the finger flute in Okinawa.
It seems that few people are now handing down the technique.
In the old days when there was no mobile phone, finger whistle conversation was used during farm work, but it is a pity that the good old customs are being forgotten by the progress of civilization.
Advocating analog culture, I would prefer finger whistle culture to mobile phones.
La Gomera was rocky and rugged, but if you stand in an elegant forest, you'll even forget that it's the Canary Islands of Spain.

View of Mount Teide on Tenerife from La Gomera

The city spreads out at the bottom of the cliff, and the terraced fields surrounded by palm trees give a magnificent view.
There are some fields where potato flowers are in bloom, but most of them are covered with weeds, leaving only the scenery.
El Hierro Island and La Palma Island can be seen faintly in the distance.
Mount Teide, whose head sticks out above the clouds, is also small.
The Island's specialty is the finger flute conversation (El Silbo), which has been introduced on TV in Japan as well.
There are innumerable valleys on the Island, and it is necessary to make a large detour, but since the straight line distance is short, finger whistle conversation developed as a means of communication there.

World Natural Heritage (Garajonay National Park)

Population 18,000 

May 27, 2012 (Sun) Capital  San Sebastian

Tenerife-La Gomera (Port of Los Christianos-Port of San Sebastian)

1 hour by car ferry.

Demonstration performance of finger flute

The weather changes many times a day

Terraced fields on the Island