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Republic of Chile Islas Ballestas

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Republic of Chile Pajestas Island (80th island)

Islas Ballestas

Wildlife paradise.
Paracas was devastated by the 2007 earthquake.
It has been revived as a resort in Peru, but something is different.
Construction is steadily progressing with the aim of starting construction at the new airport, but most tourists come from Lima by car or bus.
The group of four of us boarded a small 19-seater aircraft and headed for Paracas, but there were only six passengers.
35 minutes from Lima.
There is a paradise for animals called Little Galapagos, 3 hours by car.

The short hour excursion is well worth seeing, but it wasn't so surprising to me as I stayed in the Galapagos Islands for a month to appreciate the animals and birds.
Humboldt penguins with a body length of 70 to 80 cm inhabit the rocky areas where rough waves hit.
You can swim quickly in the sea, but walking in the rocks is lovely.

When I take a picture of an old man feeding a pelican, I am asked for a tip.
The fun of traveling in South America.
A South American resort that is a bit different from delicious seafood.
I hope that the time will soon come when luxury hotels will line up and recover.
At the restaurant of Paracas hotel where I stayed, the taste of presentation is good and the ceviche is seasoned as expected, which makes the appetite even more appealing.
I was overwhelmed by the tough feeling of life on the Islands of Bird Sanctuary in the short stay.
March 31-April 1, 2013

Sea lions form a flock in the rocky area next door, and several females gather around the male to make a harem.
The Islands are a good place to live for small fish that live in cold currents, but marine life gathers for them.
The types of fish are very similar to those caught in Japan.
The grilled fish in the restaurants along the coast of Paracas is fresh and tasty.
Everything is roughly in Peru no souvenir shop has a price tag.
The barker business of restaurants is also intense.

Many Japanese tourists visit Pisco Airport for a tour of the geoglyphs on a scenic flight in Nasca.
At the base of the Paracas Peninsula, the Chaco coast is the departure and arrival point for the tour.
At the ferry terminal in the early morning, many tourists gather and it is difficult to know which ship to board without a guide.
Several boats carry their tourists and depart offshore around 8 o'clock.
After running for 10 minutes, you will see the mysterious characters of El Candelabro, which resembles the Candelabro of Nasca, on Cape the peninsula.
The width of the line is 4m and the depth of the line is 1m, which is hardened by a thick mist of salt, so it seems that it will not disappear.

The boat sprints into the open sea but does not shake as much as I was worried about.
I saw many birds flying around to make the sky black.
The upper part of the reddish-brown rock surface is painted white with bird droppings, and the balance is wonderful.
You will be overwhelmed by the myriad of sea lions, penguins and seabirds.
As the boat approaches, the sea lions bark all at once, and the seabirds scream violently.
Where the sea lions are having fun with their parents, are they intimidating as humans are just an obstacle?