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Norway Lofoten Islands_Epilogue

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 Norway Lofoten Islands (74th island)

Lofoten Aurora

Bergen fish market cod

Bergen fish market

Bergen fish market

Kautokeino Reindeer

Morning sun

At the Alta Ice Hotel

Trondheim morning

Senja Island

Mortsund Rolbu (fisherman's hut)

The landscape of Reine that the cameraman longs for

White building on white snow

Goat cheese

Iceburn sometimes slips

View of Reine on Moskenesøya

Lofoten fjord

Lofoten fjord

Christian Fortress in Trondheim

Lofoten Islands



traveling companion I met in Sognefjord


Sogne Fjord

Sogne Fjord


Fish and shellfish grown in the cold waters of the Arctic Circle are tight and memorable tongue.
Known as the best dish of cod, anglerfish, salmon, herring and Norway.
Stewed cod in tomato sauce, Bacalao is a taste you want to eat again.
The rare brown cheese made from 100% goat milk is a laid-back taste of Norway.
It tastes like caramel.

A trip from Kautokeino in the north to Bergen.
Occasionally a storm hits him, and after that he is welcomed by the Northern Lights and spends his days moving.
From the bottom of my heart (thank you) for being able to travel from Hokkaido to Kyushu from Kautokeino, Alta, senja,
Harstad, Lofoten Islands, Trondheim, Alesund, Bergen and Oslo in just one month.

Sushi shops were thriving in the city full of seafood.
It is recognized as world sushi, not Japanese sushi.
Rice is California rice "Nishiki", pickled ginger is China, wasabi is Italy,
and seaweed is Taiwan, which is the taste of the international world.
The melting smoked Norwegian salmon is a special dish that can only be tasted here.

The one-month trip to Norway was a moving day that left a lasting impression on me, both physically and mentally,
in the northern light of the Arctic Circle created by nature.
The scenic spots, which are crowded with tourists in the summer, are overcrowded with reservations.
The world's most expensive country is also living a comfortable life in a climate blessed with nature.
The memory of the taste was "cod", and the melting taste was a rare taste.


Tourists from all over the world visit one of the world's smallest fjord towns in the summer.
Thank you for traveling to a safe country without any inconvenience.
Once again (thank you) to the people I met who took care of me

February 26-March 22, 2011.