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Queen Charlotte Island, Canada_A canoe that has decayed into an ancient forest

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Queen Charlotte Island, Canada (48th Island)

Slideshow in the forest

Click here for a slide show of the Millennium Forest

Cute mushroom


Mushrooms that appear on the moss

Forest where seven colors of light shine

Canoe in the abandoned forest

Mr. Goats as a guide

Beautiful light shining into the forest

Haunted mushroom

A forest that has been out of reach for a thousand years

“I feel that the untouched forest has passed the millennium and has inherited the times as it is.

Walking along the path of the beast, the beauty of nature's sculpture is indescribable.

A curtain of light wraps the moss forest in a veil and draws it on the campus.

It seems to be another creature that is different from the beauty of the modified forest.

A museum in the woods.
A cute "mushroom" that looks into a small face through the moss.

Brown mushrooms stand out in the green color.
Kotetsu frolics like a child in the woods, saying,
"Here and there and wow it's rare here too.

A new sprout of life on a fallen tree.

Large mossy trees are scattered and walk on a green carpet.

It feels soft and fluffy, but the moss that contains plenty
of water inadvertently digs into your knees.

A ray of light shining through the gaps between the trees at a higher place makes the canoe even more fantastic.

Abandoned canoe.

I am amazed at the production of nature.

Finally, I returned to myself, set up a tripod, concentrated on shooting until I was satisfied, and kept pushing the shutter.

How is the result?

In the afternoon, explore the forest behind the guesthouse.
In the forest, you can see after logging. "Mr. Goats", who plays the role of a guide, jumps like a deer and goes ahead on a road without a road.

It's almost hard work for me to climb without slipping on moss.
The whole body is covered with sweat and struggles in a lonely army.

Search for a "canoe in the forest" covered with moss for decades.
. If you don't tell me that it's a canoe, you won't know.


Another world where forest spirits grow trees.
It's like watching over us walking in the forest.

Unfortunately, I didn't participate in this forest because I felt the limit of my physical strength.
This is a summary of the impressions from Kotetsu.

It is very unlikely to beat the guardian deity of the forest, which keeps humans away.

The rays of the sun change the forest.
Before I knew it, there were spots all over my body.
I was absorbed in the forest without noticing that I was bitten by a mosquito.

The huge nature of the scale is only possible if there is a magnificent land in Canada. 

A canoe that has decayed into an ancient forest