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Queen Charlotte Island, Canada_Prologue

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Queen Charlotte Island, Canada (48th Island)

Left owner's house, right guest house

Waste materials from abandoned houses

Guest house for 6 people

Kitchen house

The author who shoots the totem pole

I feel like an astronaut writer

Go exploring on a zodiac boat

Humpback whale photographer Fumio Kato

Bald eagle

Waste materials from abandoned houses

Current totem pole

Totem pole 150 years ago

SGaang Gwaii Village 150 years ago

Seaplane landing at Rose Harbor

Depart for Rose Harbor (Kunghit Island)

Queen Shallot Islands


The Haida building, which is a matrilineal society, is similar to the Ainu architectural style seen in Hokkaido.

On Anthony Island, where the world heritage totem pole is located, there is a moss-covered settlement of "forest giants" that were cut down in ancient times.

Many creatures live in the forest and the sea, and even those "bald eagles" (American national birds) and "humpback whales" can be easily seen.

The village where the "Haida" lived for 10,000 years.

After that, Ninstins became an abandoned village and still has a totem pole. (World Heritage).

And I wanted to add the Millennium Forest to one of the Island tours.

The village was abandoned about 200 years ago when the Haida people interacted with Europeans.

That’s why it started. At the same time, they were struck by an infectious disease, and the Haida population fell sharply, abandoning the village.

At the end of Queen Charlotte, we will travel from Vancouver to individual destinations, to Shishmaref, Alaska.
The schedule is a bit cramped because I'm traveling freely, but expectations for encountering the unknown are higher.

I chose this Island because I was fascinated by the book of the photographer Michio Hoshino (died in 1996).

A trip of eight people, a university professor,
a photographer, a sculptor, a nature lover,
a writer, and Kotetsu.

While teaching astronomy,
he participated in a handmade trip by Professor Sato (48)
of Nagoya University,
who presides over the Wild Bird Society of Japan.

It is difficult to make arrangements for individual trips to this area. I headed to the destination of the trip without knowing the local condition at all.

The Queen Charlotte Islands are located on the border between Alaska and Canada.
Kunghit Island at the southern end has a "population of 2".

The accommodation is a handmade guesthouse of "Tassilo Gotz Hanisch" Mr. Go (52) who immigrated from Germany 25 years ago.

There is no gas, no electricity, no TV. A wild life awaits with nature in "firewood, candles and forest water".

At first glance, a mountain lodge that looks like an abandoned house is said to be the "city if you live", but as the seaplane approaches, expectations and anxieties intersect.

In the breath of nature, the decaying totem pole
tells the story of history.

Lying covered with moss and corroded.
A new life is sprouting on the big tree.

The "Haida" who manage the forest
may have stopped the destruction of nature and
watched the "forest giants" return again.