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Norway Lofoten Islands_Prologue

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 Norway Lofoten Islands (74th island)

Alta Ice Hotel

Rose flower that freezes at -5 ℃

Commemorative photo with my wife at a Sushi bar

Friendly chef Portuguese

Melting salmon (Tromso)

Alta's World Heritage Rock Art

Scenery from Kautokeino to Alta

Inside the ice hotel in Alta

Alta Ice Hotel

Me riding a reindeer sled

Reindeer sprinting through a snow ranch

Reindeer sprinting through a snow ranch

Reindeer crossing the road

Aurora in Lofoten Islands

It's all made of ice.
The romantic room is minus 5 degrees.
An ice hotel that sleeps in a sleeping bag on reindeer fur is probably comfortable? Enchanted by the fantastic ice sculpture.
The blue light creates a more mood.
The world heritage rock art I was expecting It is regrettable that the museum is closed under the snow.

I immediately rushed to the scene with a photo of a reindeer running at a hotel.
She said she would put up with a reindeer instead of an aurora in the shooting of her knees buried in the snow in a brave figure running by kicking the snow.
She arrives at her destination ice hotel while she is admired by the two-hour snow scene from Kautokeino to Alta.

1 hour 15 minutes from Helsinki to Ivalo.
In addition, we will run a five-hour land route over the bridge on the border between Finland and Norway.
According to the weather forecast one week ago, I decided to set it at -20 ℃.
Kautokeino (Norway is blessed with a sunny day with a temperature of -4 degrees Celsius.
Kotetsu (wife) who is disappointed not knowing whether or not she can see the aurora.

The one-hour flight journey from Alta to Tromso goes smoothly.
The sushi bar of "RA sushi" that I heard at a fish store in the town has a good taste, and the melty salmon nori seaweed is truly Norwegian and makes my tongue groan.
I am satisfied with the high prices in Norway.
The chef's Portuguese friendliness is also good.
The outside changes from snow to rain and eventually becomes sleet.
The wind has added and the weather has become suspicious.
Sure enough, the next morning the high-speed catamaran was canceled, so we will take a 6-hour break until the next flight.